Filming & Photography

Still Photography: We have been host to a variety of photography sessions, from fashion shoots through wedding and engagement photos. We have hosted a number of magazine and catalog spreads and our clients keep coming back for more.  Still photography is booked by calling our Events Office at 626-793-0359, Tuesday through Saturday from 10:00AM to 4:00PM or contact our Event Marketing Director here anytime.

Filming The Castle Green is a “film friendly” location for all your project’s needs. It has been used as a site for many motion pictures, music videos, reality shows, TV shows, and commercials for the past 40-odd years. We take pride in our reputation for being a cooperative and flexible venue, as well as one rich in unusual backgrounds, suitable for a variety of needs, from lush exterior grounds, to authentic and elegant historical interiors, together with eerie basements, spectacular rooftops, and unique individual apartments, making us truly a “one spot” locations[s] site. Just a glance through our photo gallery, which we update regularly, will convince you of this. To request an on site visit or to check availability, please call our Film Marketing Director at 626-807-6195,  any time, day or night for immediate access.  If you are on a more leisurely schedule, kindly contact .  You can also visit our Castle Green Filming website at: