FAQs Filming and Photography

Q.. I am a student hoping to use the Castle Green as a location for my student film. Is there a special rate for me or can I do it for free?
A.We are so sorry that we cannot accommodate student films. We are asked to do so all the time, but in addition to major filmings and event,s the Castle Green is also a condominium complex and our owners need to have time to enjoy the Castle themselves.

Q. How do I make an appointment to see inside and take some scouting photos for an upcoming project?
A.If you are a scout, please call Jan Cady at 626-807-6195 at any time, day or night, and she will arrange for you to come in at a moment’s notice to take your pictures.

Q. I want to hold a date for a filming until the Director / Producer has made a decision as to whether they want to shoot at your facility. How do I do it?
A. You need to call Jan and get confirmation that the dates you want are available, and then you put a 1 week “Soft Hold” on those dates so you have the right of first refusal. We will contact you if another party becomes interested.

Q. Do you allow the residents to rent out their private apartments for filming?
A.Yes. We have a portfolio of tenants who are interested in renting their apartments and can show them to you upon request. This calls for us to notify the resident, so it may take half a day to set up viewings of private apartments. The Castle Green also requires an access fee if you are shooting exclusively in an apartment, and will help negotiate a price and complete a contract for the resident.

Q. How do residents in the Castle Green feel about the disruption of their daily lives that filming entails?
A.Most residents are old hands at this by now, and have learned to work around the inconveniences that a film company invasion brings. They are happy to see some of the expenses of running and maintaining an historic building be offset by filming revenue.

Q. How does the elevator impact a filming at the Castle?
A.We have 24 hour manned elevator service at the Castle. The elevator buzzer will be turned off when your staff requests it, and will not be allowed to run during actual filming. The staff and residents are quite used to waiting or going up and down the back stairway if necessary.

Q. What is good way to see and photograph the Castle Green, including private apartments, top keep in my private portfolio of prospective location sites?
A.We have 2 Tours a year in which the public is welcome (for a fee) to see the entire Castle Green on a self-guided Tour. Official film scouts can have their names put on a gratis list so you and a friend will be welcomed at the front gate. Call Jan Cady for details 626-801-6195.

Still Photography FAQ’s

Q. How do I schedule a photo shoot?
A. After you have visited the site, the Events Department will issue you a contract with a set date and time for your photography at which time you will pay the fee in full.

Q. Can I have my pictures taken at any time?
A. Depending on the availability of the venue, we will do our best to accommodate your scheduling needs.

Q. I only need 1 hour to shoot some pictures. Why must there be a 2 hour minimum?
A. Experience has taught us that no matter what kind of photo shoot it is, 1 hour is not sufficient to set up, shoot and wrap up. It is better to plan on 2 hours at least for your project. Actually, we have had fashion shoots go 3 full days and they still needed more time.

Q. Are there areas that are off limits for shooting?
A. You will have to check out the site and discuss your needs with the Events Office and we will see what we can do to meet your requests. Private apartments are off-limits unless prior arrangement is made with the owner by our Events Director.